Training: Introduction to Business Circular Economy

This training includes the necessary consideration of the systemic business character of CE, points to the options of strategies and business models for circular products.

Discover new strategic opportunities, with complete knowledge of the circular business economy

Target participants are decision makers – managers who aim to initiate circular change processes in their organization, or to see how their changes fit into the domain of circular economy, so they can properly manage the process and communicate results and efforts in an effective way.

Practical examples from practice serve as a basis for discussions of applicability in the company of students.

Who is the training for?

Decision makers who aim to initiate business changes in the direction of the circular economy.

How do we do that?

A mix of lectures, discussions and workshops, where participants apply knowledge and new tools for assessing circularity, for new strategic options and business models.


Additional mentoring work – consulting class for a specific problem in the company

Tailored to your company” – With specifically created case studies in the relevant industry for one client

Impact on business

The company is enabled to, at the strategic level, consider: positions, opportunities and market opportunities, as well as risks in
domain of modern circular business, in accordance with the requirements of the EU market and supply chains.

Example: Trained managers in the organization will begin to consider new strategic options in planning, analyzing and prioritizing processes, products or services to reduce negative impact, costs, and increase profits.

Group size

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Price packages

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Learn from the best, those who teach other consulting firms about the real circular economy and create training formats for the European Union.

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