Strategic Circular Product Optimization

Designing products in a smarter way, extending their useful life and changing the purpose of such products within the circular business system.

Why is the circular product and economy better than our current product and linear model?

Reuse, conversion, redistribution, renovation and refurbishment have so far received less attention than waste issues. Increasing circularity requires insight into resources and is driven by innovative product design, changes in consumer behavior and multifunctional product functions, which preserve and create new value for firms.

Who is optimization for?

Production systems, organizations, decision makers and the NGO sector.

How do we do that?

Through several steps that include:

1. step

Introduction to the nature of business and the nature of challenges

2. step

Defining resources, waste, ecosystems of the whole business and barriers to progress towards successful circular business

3. step

Joint workshops to define the problem

4. step

We present to you the current situation

5. step

With close and careful cooperation, together we come up with proposals for process and product optimization


Team training training

Possibility of creating a business model for one of the selected products / services.

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The price

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The right time, the time of the pioneers of the circular economy is now. Every year the price of entering the transition will be higher!

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We do not recycle, we do not deal with waste management. Together with you, we design business systems that create higher value of products or services without waste.


Our projects are focused primarily on the implementation of the circular economy in sustainable business. We act on the market as coordinators or project holders.


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