Rapid Assessment of Circularity

This service includes a quick overview of the life cycle of your organization or your product. Going through all stages of the life cycle from a circular perspective, your management team will be introduced to areas that can create added value, that are suboptimal, or that pose a business risk in the future.

Discover the reality of the circular economy in your business system!

A quick overview of circularity unifies the view of the entire organization on business, shortens the time of cross-sectoral harmonization, and provides insight into the systemic nature of potential future solutions and areas for closer attention and improvement of business in a circular sense.

We provide management teams and companies with insight into circumstances, policies and trends, and insight into the circular potential of each of the 7 stages of the product or operation life cycle.


The company may find that the supply chain is unsuitable for future market development and start looking for alternatives, or different approaches, barriers and potential solutions in product design can be considered on the spot, with inputs from all important stakeholders and suggestions from CirEkon consultants.

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The right time, the time of the pioneers of the circular economy is now. Every year the price of entering the transition will be higher!

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We do not recycle, we do not deal with waste management. Together with you, we design business systems that create higher value of products or services without waste.


Our projects are focused primarily on the implementation of the circular economy in sustainable business. We act on the market as coordinators or project holders.


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