Circular Design of New Business Values

The transition to a circular economy requires fundamental changes in production and consumption, which far exceeds resource efficiency and waste recycling. The concept of circular economy preserves the value of products for as long as possible plays a central role and puts products in a central phase in the transition process.

Creating a circular product

Carefully created process leads us from recognizing opportunities and needs for innovative circular products, services or processes, through business analysis that presents usable, profitable business circular models, to designing offers and implementing innovations within existing or new systems.

Circular business model

This approach creates new markets and new habits for consumers, while connecting business or end users to your new circulating product and offer for a longer period, and a systematic approach guarantees resilience to climate change and the latest demands of the global market.

Profitability through renewable and circular impact on the environment is the only business model of the 21st century.

Who is it for?

Decision makers, manufacturing firms and the NGO sector.

CirEkon is the power of the future

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The price

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The right time, the time of the pioneers of the circular economy is now. Every year the price of entering the transition will be higher!

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We do not recycle, we do not deal with waste management. Together with you, we design business systems that create higher value of products or services without waste.


Our projects are focused primarily on the implementation of the circular economy in sustainable business. We act on the market as coordinators or project holders.


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