Analysis of Industrial System Metabolism

(More than ISO 14009, ISO 14051)

Everyone today must know exactly what is happening in their plants, but also listen to what other manufacturers reject as a surplus and can be used in your business system.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

How much energy, materials and water goes through your production?

How much through your supply chain, how much waste escapes from your centers and pollutes the environment, and how much do you actually lose due to the current way of doing business?

Is it possible to find alternative sources of certain substances?

Do companies from your or a similar system reject elements that can serve you as input raw materials?

Can we return some material to production?

These are the questions that business metabolism analysis provides answers to.

Who is the analysis for?

Industrial systems and production organizations – decision makers, financial, technological and commercial managers of middle management positions.

How do we do that?

Through several steps that include:

1. step

Introduction to the challenge and the production system

2. step

Resource and energy flow modeling

3. step

Fine-tune the model (as needed)

4. step

Proposal of corrective areas and identification of points of loss / leakage of matter, substances, waste and energy.

The result

The business system received clear parameters on the flows of matter, energy as well as the first report on the potential optimization of the production process.
The firm establishes a new way of managing resources, and becomes ready to report on sustainable development.
By implementing proposals for green and eco certification and standardization of business system, process improvement leads to changes in organization and reduction of negative impact on nature, and business system due to system optimization and clean processes, increases energy and resource efficiency of production.

We propose three levels of analysis:

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