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The process of transition from linear to circular economy, ie circular transition, requires innovative and better knowledge of the links between products, business models, social infrastructure and management systems, thus determining the life cycle of both products and companies.

Partnership approach

We nurture the CirEkon partnership approach and mentoring work as a winning combination and a safe path in the process of circular transition of your organization.

We are introducing green parameters in the industry

We strive to create key economic levers of society, in order to modernize our economy primarily through innovation and cooperation. We introduce “green” parameters into your organization and business systems, create added value and open new markets, leaving behind clean air, water and land for present and future generations.

Advanced service packages

CirEkon is the power of the future

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From 2022, provide a complete analysis and design of the business in accordance with the requirements of the modern circular market.

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We do not recycle, we do not deal with waste management. Together with you, we design business systems that create higher value of products or services without waste.


Our projects are focused primarily on the implementation of the circular economy in sustainable business. We act on the market as coordinators or project holders.


Timely access to information is of immense importance for the development of any business. Our blog posts provide you with the most relevant news.