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CE Trainings and Workshops

Serbia’s current market for circular economy is developing. The goal of CirEkon is to create such a market most efficiently and to positively affect the Serbian business system, emphasizing the SME sector. The first step in developing such a market is to get acquainted in a quality way with the circular economy’s benefits and possible ways to establish circular economy in business systems. That is why comprehensive knowledge of the circular economy is necessary to avoid the negative sides and establish a basis for the implementation of the powerful, positive side of the circular economy.

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Cirekon – English has conducted numerous trainings in Serbia and the European Union in companies, local public institutions and pan-European organizations on a number of topics, but focusing on four areas of CE: Introduction to Business Circular Economy, System Innovations for Circular Economy, Introduction to Life product cycle as a new way of gaining a competitive position and Defining the current situation and tools for the circular economy.