Milan Veselinov


Milan Veselinov is the founder of CirEkon, a company that represents a strong pillar for the development of the circular economy in Serbia, and beyond its borders.

Milan was born in Belgrade and graduated from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. He has worked in the media, project management and sales sectors in international corporations, and in the meantime earned a master’s degree in industrial ecology from the joint program of the Dutch Technical University Delft, Leiden University, Swedish Technical University Chaimers and Austrian University Carl Franzens in Graz.

After a short educational trip around Europe, he decided to turn his compass, return to Serbia and dedicate his life to creating sustainable business. He enthusiastically works on the processes of education, research, support and application, which act as a catalyst for circular development.The circular economy is his choice as the most logical model so far, based on which we can achieve higher profits with the delivery of better products and at the same time save resources, society and the environment.
His guiding idea is that one day every man will have to look in the mirror and ask what he left as a legacy to the world.