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10 steps to circularity

We, at CirEkon, genuinely intend to make a circular economy available to all.
We also intend to make the real circular economy available to all.
The difference between the first and the second sentence, we believe, is this little brochure “10 steps to circularity“.

It should explain what we need to take care of, understand, and then act towards a true, high-quality, and resilient circular business. We have divided this brochure into two parts – First part tells you how you need to think and what you need to know about the circular economy to start even thinking about circular change. The second part explains just a bit of the answer to the question “HOW” should we approach the topic and “WHAT” we need to know from within the system to start with this triple success story of change. We are talking about how should we think, how to see where the company lays in domain of circularity, how to organize a process around circular change, what are the first few options to tackle as strategic opportunities, and business changes.

In the end, we know this brochure “10 steps to circularity” is not all-powerful, and it intends to push an explorative mindset of a reader.

Luckily enough, we, at CirEkon, are always ready to guide a reader further, to help on every step, and make the transition towards circular economy beneficial to your system. So, take this little brochure as an invitation to discuss, upgrade and delve deeper into the successful transition … well… towards circularity…

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